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about tatum


Tatum Langley is a musical theatre singer, dancer, actor, jazz vocalist, arts & crafts extraordinaire, and plant mom all rolled into one spunky little body. She grew up in the wonderful western suburbs of Chicago, where she was a finalist in the Illinois High School Musical Theatre Awards in 2016 and 2017, and graduated from Ball State University with her BFA in Musical Theatre (#chirpchirp). Regionally, she has been seen at Cedar PointBusch Gardens Williamsburg, and Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts.

Tatum is also the resident vocalist with Shout Section Big Band (let by Brett Dean in the Chicagoland area). She is passionate about both jazz & cabaret performing, and has been seen both onstage and offstage at The Cabaret, a world-class performing venue bringing top-notch Broadway talent to Indianapolis. 

Outside of performing work, Tatum enjoys every arts & crafts project she can get her hands on, rollerblading in the sunshine, keeping all her houseplants alive, exploring new zero-waste/sustainable alternatives, and playing Rummikub with her family, whom she loves more than anything in the world . 

Stay posted to her social media for updates on upcoming performances, concerts, and all the antics she's up to!

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